Mar 24

The House Plant Expert

The House Plant Expert(by Dr. D.G. Hessayon) is an excellent beginner book about house plants.  I highly recommend it as an excellent value and a worthy addition to any home library.

REVIEW: The House Plant Expert

I enjoy house plants very much, but live in a home with low light conditions.  I have spent a lot of money of plants, hoping that they would grow, and I have had some successes and many failures.   This book has been invaluable to me.  In a world increasingly dependent on the internet and book downloads, my home library has been pared down in recent years (books are also a real pain to move because they are so heavy).  As such, I only own books that I really want.  Everything else I can get from the library, or get the same information for free on the internet.  This is a book worth owning for anyone who has plants or who wants to have plants.

Here are a few things I love about this book:

1)  It is comprehensive

The House Plant Expert  includes all of the information that any amateur plant lover could ever need in a relatively small and lightweight package.  It includes information on picking the right plants for your home and for each room, ideas for displaying your plants, information about classifying house plants, a lengthy and comprehensive A-Z of house plants with many full-colour pictures, advice about caring for your plants, propagating your plants, taking care of your plants when they are sick, a plant gorwer’s dictionary, and an index which includes both the scientific names and the common names of a huge varuety of house plants.  It basically contains all of the information that any house plant novice could ever need.

2)  It is easy to use

This book is nicely organized and easy to move around in.  Full-colour pages and pictures of various plants make identifying plants and problems quite easy.   The index includes common names and scientific names which makes locating the right page a breeze.

3)  It is filled with pictures, diagrams, and colour

The House Plant Expert is a very pretty and attractive book.  There are full-colour pictures and diagrams of virtually every plant.  Instructions for proper lighting, watering, treating diseases, etc. are all clearly explained with pictures, diagrams, and clearly-written and unambiguous text.

In summary

You should consider The House Plant Expert by Dr. D.G. Hessayon if you would like to learn more about plants and their care and would like a handy, well-organized, and very useful resource.  It is worth a place on your bookshelf, and rates a best buy here at Froogalism.com.

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