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REVIEW The Magic Bullet

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My blender recently died and it was replaced with The Magic Bullet (Single Shot Version).  The Magic Bullet has some things going for it, but a few irritations and limitations as well.

I loved my previous blender.  I used it mostly to make smoothies.  It was  a Toastess brand, and I had it for a few good years.  The problem with most products in general, however, is that they always seem to have one component that breaks.  It is normally plastic.  This component is either too hard to replace or so expensive that it is hard to justify not buying a new product to replace it – I’ll call this component the ‘weak link’.  Weak links ensure obsolescence, so I am not surprised that they are seemingly willingly built into products.  They ensure a new stream of consumers.

The weak link in my blender was the plastic gears at the base of the glass jug.  The spokes just broke off, thus rendering the whole of the product useless (even though it seemed that they could have lasted for many more years).  Replacement parts were seemingly non-existent.  As such, and as frustrated as I was, I was compelled to buy a new product to make my smoothies.

The Magic Bullet (Single Shot)

I settled on The Magic Bullet (Single Shot version).  Here is what I have found:

What The Magic Bullet is Good at:

Making Smoothies

The Magic Bullet is fairly good at making smoothies.  I make my smoothies mostly with Greens+ and Isagenix or a protein powder and fresh and/or frozen fruit.  It blends this mixture adequately.  Many times however, it does not blend the frozen stuff very well.  Also, you are best to add any powders at the very end, because if they are put in first, they tend to stick and not mix very well.

You Drink Right from the Blender Cup

After you have blended what you have in The Magic Bullet, you simply remove it and drink right from the cup that the mixture was blended in.  This is quite convenient.

Small Size

The Magic Bullet is significantly smaller than a traditional blender.  It will store nicely in a very small space and does not take up very much counter space at all.

What The Magic Bullet is Not Good At:

A Weak Motor

The Magic Bullet seemingly will not chop up frozen berries and such consistently.  No matter how long I blend the mixture, I always seem to have chunks left.  Powder mixtures do not blend easily, and there is often residue left (even if you add them last).

Small Receptacle

Judging from The Magic Bullet infomercials, it seems that you can do anything in seconds.  While you may be able to prepare ‘single shots’ of smoothies, The Magic Bullet is simply  impractical if you are trying to blend something like pea or lentil soup.  You would be there for days, blending an inconsistently blended soup.

Time Saver? 

I am not convinced that The Magic Bullet is really a time saver.  The infomercials seem to imply that you can prepare for a dozen guest in seconds.  This is simply not true.  If I am making guacamole or tabbouleh, it is simply easier to chop and blend by hand.  Using the Magic Bullet to chop things like onions or tomatoes seems, quite frankly, rather silly.  Get yourself a good chef’s knife and do it yourself in seconds rather than pre-chopping, placing the stuff in The Magic Bullet, and hoping that it will do the trick.

Clean Up

The Magic Bullet is not easy to clean.   The blending cups are just a bit too deep to easily clean their bottoms and they are lined with ridges that can make hand-washing rather painful.  You actually need to work at getting these things clean (and it sometimes hurts).


The Magic Bullet is adequate for making smoothies.  It is also small and takes up very little storage and counter space.  It is, however, practically useless for larger tasks like blending soups or crushing ice.  It blends inconsistently due to its lack of power and it is hard to clean.  I feel that is is an over-hyped product that has significant limitations.  It is no substitute for a real blender.

We rate The Magic Bullet 2 out of 5 stars.  Okay if you only make smoothies.  Not okay if you want it to do anything else.

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  1. Adonis

    I appreciate your comments about the Magic Bullet. I was going to buy one, but did have some reservations. Probably going to go with a Ninja blender instead…


  2. Jason

    Thanks for the feedback, Adonis. Your comment is really appreciated. Let me know how the Ninja works out for you, as I am looking for a replacement. From what I can see the Ninja has a more powerful motor and multiple cutting blades. It is more expensive, but could be worth it. Please let me know how it goes.

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