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Best New Free Blackberry Playbook Apps REVIEW: Score Mobile

Do you want to track all of the newest sports scores in real time, read previews of upcoming games and box scores, access betting odds, check team standings, and read all of the latest statistics on your favourite players?  I downloaded Score Mobile yesterday, and it’s quite impressive.  It is a new Blackberry application made available since the OS 2.0 update for the Playbook.

I am not a huge sports fanatic, but I do enjoy NHL hockey.  The beauty of using Score Mobile on your Blackberry

Scoremobile in Action – A Great Blackberry Playbook App

Playbook is that is mobile.  As such there is no need to be beside your computer, so you can check out stats and updates right in front of your TV as your are watching a game (or anything else you are watching).

Here are some things I like about Score Mobile:

The Interface

The interface of this program is very easy to manipulate and to move around in.  The links and drop down menus are nicely laid out and they make sense.  Even someone like me can find what I am looking for with ease. The buttons on the menus are also relatively large so even people with large hands and fingers (like myself) can navigate it easily.

Navigating sites like ESPN, or Yahoo Sports is rather difficult on a 7 inch screen.  Score Mobile is designed for the Blackberry Playbook and it is easy to use.


As I mentioned earlier, Score Mobile has a lot of information on it.  You can access many different sports, check player statistics, team standings, live scores and game updates, injury updates, game previews, boxscores, video highlights, betting odds, and sports news.  You can also join live blogs during games and submit your ideas via Twitter.  There are lots of other sites that offer this range of information, but the portability of the Blackberry Playbook makes it very convenient to use while you are watching your game.

It’s Free

Making Score Mobile even more desirable is the fact that it is free.  You really have nothing to lose by giving it a try.  If you don’t like it, just remove it.


Score Mobile is a welcome addition to the hard drive of any Blackberry Playbook.  It is well-designed and easy to navigate.  It has loads of features and information that will keep even the most ecstatic and well-informed sports fans happy.  Extras like live blogging and links to sports video highlights make it fun to use.  The real beauty of Score Mobile is that it is available for your Playbook so you can access all of these features right in front of your TV (no need to be beside your computer).  It is also free.

I would recommend this new Blackberry application very highly.  Five out of Five Stars.

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