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REVIEW Slow Food with the Rival Crock Pot Slow Cooker

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Rival made the original Crock Pot slow cooker.  It is a great way to make slow food (as opposed to fast food).  As such, it is a healthy, convenient, and easy means for preparing hearty and nutritious meals.  The Rival 3.5 quart slow cooker is an excellent value and a Top Pick at froogalism.com.

On the virtues of Slow Food

Slow food is the opposite of fast food.  Fast food generally puts speed and convenience ahead of all else.   Slow food puts food quality, nutrition, and taste first.   The beauty of using a crock pot (or slow cooker) is that they allow you to make slow food with relative ease and convenience.  YOU control what goes into the food that you eat (and the quality of its ingredients) and the crock pot cooks it for you (slowly).  Slow food, in my view, is healthier because you control what goes into it and because the food is prepared with care and with nutrition in mind.  Slow food also focuses on the pleasure associated with preparing and eating food.  The RIVAL crock pot is the best-in-class for slow cookers.  It was the original and, remains, the best brand name out there.

Why a Crock Pot?

Simple to Use

A Crock Pot is really simple to use.  It was designed to be as such.  You simply layer stuff in the pot (the stuff that needs the most cooking at the bottom, the stuff that needs the least cooking at the top), and turn it on to low or high (there are only two setting).  Cook on the low setting and your meals will be hot and cooked by the time you get home from work.  Cook on the high setting and most meals will be ready in three to four hours.


With a crock pot, even the toughest (and, therefore, cheapest) cuts of meat turn out tender and tasty, as they have had time to cook at a low temperature.  You can save big money here by being able to include less-expensive cuts of meat.  Cooking at a low temperature will also save you money in electricity costs (versus a full electric range).

Great Taste

I have used my Crock Pot to make amazing chilis, curries, and stews.  There is something extra wonderful about the flavour when these meals when they are cooked slowly.  The flavours and the spices have a real chance to do what they do best when allowed to cook together for hours.

Why the RIVAL Crock Pot?

RIVAL made the original Crock Pot.  The RIVAL Crock Pot slow cooker is a great buy for a couple of key reasons:

The Rival Crock Pot Slow Cooker

Removeable Stoneware

The stoneware pot is completely removable.  This makes cleaning very easy and convenient.  The basin is also easily accessible and easy to clean.

Evenness of cooking

Check out the various review of the RIVAL Crock Pot at places like, Amazon, for example and you will notice a particular refrain – the RIVAL Crock Pot is the best at cooking evenly and thoroughly.  My experience has been the same.  My meals are always evenly cooked and delicious.


The 3.5 quart size of the RIVAL Crock Pot is perfect for a one- to three-person family.  I typically get about five to six servings of things like chili and stews when I load it up.


Go and check out a RIVAL Crock Pot for yourself at a local store and compare it to the other brands.  The finishing and overall quality of the RIVAL brand is just simply better.  Crock Pots are not expensive, so it pays to buy the best quality at this price point.


You can prepare Slow Food deliciously and economically using the RIVAL Crock Pot.   Cheaper cuts of meat can be used (and they turn out wonderfully), and you can save money as well.  It cooks evenly, is easy to clean (with the removable stoneware), and is a really good quality product which is easy to use.  Anyone can cook healthy and easy meals with it. The price point for Crock Pots is very low and you will save a significant amount in electricity costs by using one.

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  1. A Crock Pot Caveman

    Thanks for sharing your insight on this. I really agree that the “slow food” option has its benefits: tasty meals that are both economical and easy to prepare. Also I have to agree that the Rival brand is maybe the top one that has to be considered when making a slow cooker purchase.

    Thanks again. 🙂

  2. Jason

    Thanks for your comment, Crock Pot Cavemen. I enjoy the simplicity of the crock pot and the many varied meals I can prepare with it, too.

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