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REVIEW Tide Coldwater HE Laundry Detergent

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Does Tide Coldwater HE laundry detergent rank as a froogalism.com best buy?  Can a coldwater wash actually be as good as a warm or hot wash?  I have used Tide Coldwater HE Laundry Detergent for almost three years now.  Here are my thoughts.


I like Tide detergent very much overall.  I have used it (many different varieties) for many years and have always found it to be the best.  I did like the smell of Gain detergent for a bit, and did use it for a while, but found that the perfume was simply too strong for my sensitive skin and nose.

Tide consistently ranks as a Top Detergent according to Consumer Reports magazine.   I trust Consumer Reports and, frankly, have never been disappointed with what they recommend as Top Picks.   The reviews for Tide Coldwater HE were also excellent, and this is what precipitated my first purchase.   I have not been disappointed.

The Results

I have had the opportunity to try Tide Coldwater HE for a couple of years now.  I have tried it with whites, I have tried it with colours, and have tried it with no pre-treatment for stuff that normally stains (e.g. blueberries, red wine, blood, chocolate, grass, etc.).

With Colours

Tide Coldwater HE works wonderfully.  My clothes always come out clean without exception.

With Whites

Tide Coldwater HE works very well.  I do often pre-treat commonplace things like collar and armpit stains  before washing my whites, and the results have been very good.

With Normal Stains

The results using Tide Coldwater HE have also been very good as long as you wash your stained garments before the stain has had time to set (i.e. almost immediately after the accident).

With More Difficult Stains

Stains like BBQ sauce, blueberries, grass, and red wine will not normally be completely removed by Tide Coldwater HE by itself.  I always pre-treat the toughest stains with RESOLVE Laundry Stain Remover. In my view, RESOLVE is the best value laundry stain remover available (and it is inexpensive).  Read my RESOLVE review HERE!  Combine the power of these two products, and there is practically no stain that you cannot remove (as long as it is treated quickly).

Colour Fading

Tide Coldwater simply does a great job of keeping colours looking fresh.  The detergent itself, combined with the cold water seems to prolong the life of my clothes and keeps them looking fresh.  Cold water washes also prolong the life of your clothes generally.


Tide Coldwater HE is an outstanding product that will save you money on heating your water and replacing your stained clothes.  It works extremely well with colours, whites, and regular stains.  This detergent, and the use of cold water, seems to extend the life of clothing by treating them more gently.

All Tide products regularly go on sale.  In my area, sales seem to come about every two to three months.  Buy Tide Coldwater HE when it is on sale (oftentimes at least 40% off) and you will get yourself a truly froogal value.  Buy it regular price, and well, don’t.  It is expensive at the initial checkout, but pays for itself wonderfully with quality cleaning and prolonged clothes life.  The benefits are even more noticeable if you buy it on sale.  Wait.  Be patient.  Good things come to those that wait.

Tide Coldwater HE gets five out of five stars!  It is a Top Recommended Product!


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  1. Ahmed

    This detergent is excellent and will save you money.

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