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REVIEW IKEA POANG Armchair and Footstool

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The IKEA POANG Armchair and Footstool are IKEA classics.  They represent good value and have been around for about thirty years (at least in Canada).

The IKEA Poang Arm Chair

I have owned one for about twenty years and bought a second one just a couple of years ago.  Putting them side-by-side, they look identical and the quality does not seem to have changed much over the years (unlike many other IKEA products).

What I like about the IKEA POANG Armchair and Footstool:


In Canada, the IKEA Poang armchair currently retails for $79.00.  The POANG footstool for $49.00.  Include in taxes and such and the pair will set you back around $150.00 CDN.  This is a good value (just look around at other shops and price a chair and footstool and you’ll soon recognise this to be true.


The style of the IKEA Poang armchair is simplistic and modern looking.  They will fit in nicely in almost any decor or era of design.  My home is 120 years old with lots of wooden trim and high baseboards.  They look great and fit in very nicely.


The comfort of POANG armchair is good and gets better when you add in the POANG footstool.  The POANG armchair has some flex in it so you can move a little farther back if you choose to.  It is not a LA-Z-BOY, and it is not adjustable, but it does have some flex.  I have fallen asleep in the POANG a few times.

Ease of Assembly

The IKEA POANG Armchair and Footstool are easy enough to assemble that even I can assemble both in under half-an-hour.  Nothing tricky or complicated here (as some IKEA products can be).  You will be able to sit doan and relax very soon after you open the box (as long as there are no missing pieces – an issue that has come up occasionally with IKEA products).


The covers are removable and washable.  This is a good feature not always included in less expensive furniture.  Pet hair is more difficult to remove (see below).

A few things that could be better:

Design Consistency

The IKEA POANG Armchar has been around for a long while.  I do not expect most products to remain exactly the same over the course of twenty-plus years or so.  Nonetheless, there has been a slight change in the stain colour and this makes my chairs not match exactly perfectly.  Nothin major – just a note.  The headrest also went from being fixed to being adjustable (like the second one I bought a couple of years ago) to noe being fixad again – at least it looks to be so from the pictures on their website.  There was some value in having an adjustable headrest by means of offering the sitter a greater range of options.


The original IKEA POANG  Armchair and Footstool came in a velvety type of fabric that was easy to clean and gripped your body very nicely.  It also felt nice to the touch.  The newer model comes in a woven fabric that is less easy to clean pet hair from (as it tends to get embedded), and is slightly less comfortable and a bit less grippy.   The result is a slightly more difficult to clean and slightly less comfortable product.


The IKEA POANG Armchar and Footstool represent a very good value in its price range.  It’s price, style, comfort, ease of assembly, and removable covers make it a very good buy.  On the negative side, the design consistency makes older models stand out slightly from newer models, and new new fabric covers are less comfortable and are more difficult to remove pet hair from.

Overall, the IKEA POANG Armchair and Footstool rate a very good buy (yet, not a BEST BUY) by froogalism.com standards.

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