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REVIEW Best Baby Toys by Mattel (Fisher-Price) – Corn Popper

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The Fisher-Price Corn Popper is a classic toddler toy.  I remember using it as a child (some forty years ago) and I remember enjoying it very much.  It consists of a handle that is affixed to an enclosed plastic dome on wheels.  The dome contains several multi-coloured balls inside it.  As you push or pull it, the balls pop up and down and make noise.

Simple, yet lots of fun.  My daughter is almost seventeen months old now and it is her third favourite toy; after a package of coloured Crayola markers and a cupboard full of cans and boxes of food (which she loves to remove, replace, rearrange).   It suits her just perfectly right now.

Here is what I like about it:


What could be cooler to a recently walking person than your newly found skill (walking) actually not just moving you around and allowing you to use your hands at the same time, but also to make balls pop up and down and make lots of noise?   It is all about beginning to feel some degree of control over your environment.   I think this must be comforting and empowering for her.


The Fisher-Price Corn Popper is really simple.  It is a handle with a dome on the end with wheels.   You don’t need to remove any of those countless batteries from one of you little one’s other toys and install them to make it work, or move once again, for another battery recharge.  All he or she needs to do is push or pull it – physics takes care of the rest.


For under $20.00, you can own your very own Fisher-Price Corn Popper – this is cheaper than an actual hot air corn popper.

Cognitive Development

Think about it.  Your child has been entirely dependent on you their whole lives.  Now they are learning to walk and talk and to express preferences for things by saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  What an exciting time to be a little person.  I can get cheese if I say “yes” when Daddy asks me if I want cheese.  I can move myself around to anywhere I want to go (without being carried) by using my new legs.  Cause-and-effect is a key cognitive skill for a toddler.  It allows them to exercise a degree of control and to develop their own preferences, and personalities.  It also gives them confidence going forward and developing in this new world.

The Corn Popper can help your child to develop these skills and the confidence that goes with it.  If I push, it makes noise and the balls jump up and down.  If I pull, it makes noise and the balls jump up and down.  If I don’t touch it, it does nothing but sit there waiting to be pushed or pulled.  In short, it gives them a safe and fun way to control the world around them.

Works Anywhere

The magnificent Fisher-Price Corn Popper works on hardwood, carpet, linoleum and carpet.  The wheels somehow grip to any of these surfaces quite well.


The Fisher-Price Corn Popper does not pop actual popcorn.  There is no heating element or receptacle to place scalding oil.  It will melt and/or burn if you place in on top of your stove.

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  1. Simone

    I just had to write a review after the egnative comments I’ve read. Yes, it can be noisy (but if he’s having fun, I’m happy). Yes, a child could run over your feet with it (my son did until we told him it hurt and wasn’t nice). However, of all the toys my son has received, this is one he keeps going back to. It was a Christmas gift when he turned one and as soon as he perfected walking, the popper quickly became his favorite toy. He pretended it was a vaccum cleaner (complete with his own sound effects). And more recently it became a weed wacker (again with sound effects). He really uses his imagination with it. He’s now 2 and he still takes it out to do a little poppin’. I believe as long as they are having fun and its safe go with it! Also, it’s inexpensive enough that if your child isn’t thrilled with it, at least its not a big investment.

  2. Jason

    Thanks for the post, Simone. I agree with you. The Fisher-Price Corn Popper is a safe bet. It teaches children gross motor skills and about cause and effect. It is also inexpensive. I am glad that your son enjoys it so much. I don’t mind noise or my feet being run over either. Thanks again for taking the time to make a comment. Regards, froogalist

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