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REVIEW EvenFlo Momentum 65 Infant and Toddler Car Seat

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The EvenFlo Momentum 65 infant and toddler car seat is a gem.  If you are looking for quality, versatility, and ease-of-use in an infant and toddler car seat, this is a great choice.

My daughter is now too tall for her Graco Snugfit 35.   I take child car seat selection very seriously.  The government standards are so high for these products, however, that even low priced models can be considered and relied upon to be safe.   Prices range from around $100 to $400 (Canadian).   The EvenFlo Momentum 65 fits right just above the middle range at $250.  I bought mine on clearance at Babies R Us for $173.

Evenflo Momentum 65

There are a few key features that make the EvenFlo Momentum 65 a great value:


The EvenFlo Momentum 65 is padded to the hilt and is built like a tank.  It seemed to me to be the best padded of all the car seats available at Babies R Us (even more so than the doubly priced Britax models).  Side impact padding seemed to me to be the best of all of the models that I looked at.  It also feels very solid as there is no movement whatsoever when moving it to and fro.  It feels well-built.  Go to the store yourself and shake those seats – I think you will find the EvenFlo Momentum 65 to be very, very solid.

Front or Rear-Facing Option

One of the best features of the EvenFlow Momentum 65 is that it can be configured either as a rear-facing or a forward-facing seat.  A number of similar car seats are rear or front-facing only.  With this seat, I can use it in the rear-facing configuration until she is two years old or so and then flip it to a forward facing configuration when it is best to do so.  This lengthens the lifetime usefulness of the product and saves you money in the long run.

Weight Range

The EvenFlo Momentum 65 is designed for children from 5 – 65 pounds.  A number of models only go from 5 – 40 pounds.  Some go up to 100 pounds.  The EvenFlo fits nicely at the upper end of this range.


This seat looks comfortable beyond your wildest imagination.  It is padded and cushioned everywhere and is covered with a soft and plush covering.  Think of it as a top-of-the line La-Z-Boy recliner tailored for small people.   The cover is fully and easily removable for easy cleaning.  I wonder if they have a Momentum 170 model available for living rooms?  If so, I would buy one.

Ease of Installation

The EvenFlo Momentum 65 is designed to be moved from car to car (so as to avoid the need to buy two or more seats in multiple-car families).  The SureLatch connector simply clicks into the LATCH system installed in most cars ten years old or newer.  You will probably need a towel and a level to adjust the alignment of the seat properly when you move it from car to car, but this is very easy to do.  Kudos to EvenFlo for making installation so simple and convenient.

The Seat is Big

This could be a benefit or a drawback depending on your perspective.  I noticed just how big he seat was when I first installed it and had the previous infant seat in mind.  A large seat means more room and padding for your child.  While the EvenFlo Momentum 65 is large, it does not impede my visibility in my compact car (a Mazda Protege).  It is larger, however, and I can no longer see my daughter’s head while in the driver’s seat.  Nevertheless, I feel that she is both comfortable and safe in this larger seat.

In summary, the EvenFlo Momentum 65 is an excellent value.  It offers safety, comfort, and quality at a price less than many comparable child car seats.  It is a froogalism.com Best Buy.

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