Top Ten Ways of Saving Money Every Day

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The top ten ideas for saving money each and every day that I have discovered so far are as follows.  They are written with no particular ranking or order in mind (except for number one).

Top Ten Ways of Saving Money

Top Ten Saving Money Idea #10

Buy what you need (avoid impulse shopping)

There is no magic here.  Buy the things that you need and avoid impulse shopping.  Quite simply, we buy too much stuff.  This stuff can be a real impediment to purposeful and frugal shopping.  Work to avoid impulse buys: never buy stuff close to the cashier (these are always impulse buys), never grocery shop while you are hungry, etc.   Shop with a purpose in mind and stick with it.  You will thank yourself for it once you get the hang of it.

Top Ten Saving Money Idea #9

Shop Around and Use a Shopping List

Create a list of what you intend to buy before you go shopping.   Create your list while perusing the latest weekly flyers and go to the places that offer you the best prices on what you need.  Look for places that price match for groceries (such as Fresh Co. or No Frills in Ontario) and take the competitors flyers with you so that you can do one-stop-shopping.

Top Ten Saving Money Idea #8

Ask for a Discount

I regularly ask for a discount.  Some places (such as mom-and-pop shops, or even major retailers or attractions, will offer you one if you ask, and/or if you have an affiliate card like an AAA or the CAA membership).  I ask for a teacher discount (as I am a teacher), or a new-dad discount, or a just-for-trying discount.  I would say that I get a discount at roughly one-quarter of all of the places that I ask for one.  What do you have to lose?  Absolutely nothing.

Top Ten Saving Money Idea #7

Use Rain Checks

Rain checks are a very valuable tool when the thing you want that is on sale is out of stock.  Read my full post here.  The beauty of rain checks is that you can lock in your sale price for up to a year and accrue inflation protection at the same time.  I actually love it when the sale item I go to buy is out of stock.  The rain check is better than getting the item at the sale price.

Top Ten Saving Money Idea #6

Control Your Debt

Debt reduces your ability to save and to consume.  Manage debt wisely.  Make sure that you are not buying what you don’t need and that your debt is always at the lowest cost possible (yes, this means eliminating credit card debt).  Interest charges reduce your cash flow and are normally non-deductible. Reducing your debt increases you access to your cash so that you can do better things with it besides making banks rich.

Top Ten Saving Money Idea #5

Search for and Use Coupons

Before you go out to buy any item, do a quick online search to see if there are any coupons available for your top purchases.

Top Ten Saving Money Idea #4

Use Seasonal Discounts to Your Advantage

Each month brings with it a variety of items that are on sale.  Shop with the seasons in mind and buy your items when they are on sale.  Always try to avoid buying an air conditioner in July; wait until the end of August when you can buy it half price and use it next year.

Top Ten Saving Money Idea #3

Buy in Bulk

When you locate a great deal, stock up.  You will always use razors and deodorant and shampoo; why not stock up when the items that you need are on sale?

Top Ten Saving Money Idea #2

If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, it Probably Is

Avoid scams.  No one will knowingly give themselves a bad deal to give you a good one.  If someone is offering you $100 perfume for $10 it is either stolen or a cheap imitation.  If someone offers you a quote for far less that the competitors for getting new eavestroughs installed, there is something up (either they will use cheaper materials, they are less qualified to do the job, or they will jack up the price as the work nears completion).  Research and understand the fair price for things – this way you will avoid being ripped off.

Top Ten Saving Money Idea #1

Treat Yourself

It is a mistake to live frugally just for the sake of it.  The end goal should be a better quality of life and the ability to focus in on and achieve that which genuinely makes you happy.  It means doing more with less.  Never forget to indulge yourself with things that bring you genuine happiness.  All of these previous saving money ideas lead up to you doing things smarter so that you can focus on the things that make you happy.  Don’t forget to reward yourself with whatever it is that you enjoy.  You’ve earned it!

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