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REVIEW IKEA Hemnes Dresser – A Best Buy?

The IKEA Hemnes Dresser is an excellent value.   There are a number of reasons why I consider it to be a great buy.   This review looks at: quality, ease of assembly, design, looks, and price.  Lets get started …

The IKEA Hemnes 3-Drawer Dresser

I wanted a dresser for my young daughter’s bedroom (she is just under a year now).  I went shopping with a few criteria in mind: it needed to be sturdy, it needed to hold most of her clothes, it needed to be a good value, and I though it would also be nice if  it looked good and went nicely with the Hensvik Baby Crib and Bed that I already had in her room (read my review of this crib here).

Quality – This dresser is from IKEA;  it is designed to be inexpensive.  Some IKEA stuff is not worth buying.   The Hemnes Dresser, however, seems like one of the good value products that you can find at IKEA if you do your homework and go and see the product for yourself.  It is made mostly of laminated particle board (glued together sawdust, basically).  It is HEAVY.  Don’t strain yourself getting it home.

The heaviness of particle board can also give some substance and sturdiness to stuff made with it.  This is the case with the IKEA Hemnes Dresser; it is sturdy and heavy.  It isn’t going anywhere (unless I get a small army of friends to come over and help me move it).  It fits solidly on the floor with no wobble whatsoever.  It does come with wall anchors that make it virtually impossible to tip over.  I like that.

Ease of Assembly – If I recall correctly, I think this took about one hour to assemble the Hemnes Dresser (I consider my self to be a just-better-then-average IKEA product assembler).  I think I needed a Philips and a slot screwdriver, a rubber mallet, and a hammer.  Pretty basic stuff here.  The instruction manual was also quite clear and easy to follow.

Design – The drawers on the IKEA Hemnes dresser are deep; I like this.  I never really liked that dinky little underwear drawer in many dressers (I find some of them almost useless once you get some thick socks in there).  The top drawer is deeper than most and it holds many items like onesies, t-shirts, and hats with no problem.   The lower two drawers are also nice and deep (especially the bottom one that is great for blankets, sweaters, and stuff like that).   This IKEA dresser hold a lot of stuff.

I also liked the fact that is less wide than many other dressers.  This is a really big plus if you live in a condominium or have a small wall that it needs to go on.  It is also deep enough to change your baby on (I prefer changing her on the floor, though as I feel it is much safer).

Looks – It Hemnes Dresser looks, well, like typical IKEA stuff.  Simple, clean lines, functional – Scandinavian inspired.  One little touch that I really like is that the drawer bottoms are striped with thin lies of yellow and white.   It really looks clean and fresh.

Price – The price for the IKEA Hemnes dresser in Canada is $169.00 (here’s a link to this dresser at IKEA Canada).  Most of the basic dressers that I looked at ranged from about this price as a low to around $500 or so.  Considering how much I like this IKEA Hemnes Dresser, I think it represents excellent value (although I do know that it will not last as long as a solid wood dresser).

In summary, the IKEA Hemnes 3-Drawer Dresser rates as a best buy (five stars).  It represents excellent value.

I feel that I should add that this dresser would be equally suitable for grown-ups.  You do NOT need to be a baby to enjoy this dresser yourself.

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