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REVIEW IKEA Hensvik Baby Crib and Bed

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IKEA Hensvik Baby Crib and Bed Review

Saving money when you have a child should always come second to safety. Does the IKEA Hensvik Baby Crib fit the bill? Any item only qualifies as a frugal buy if it gives you more for less. With this in mind, I needed to buy a crib for my daughter. As a frugal minded shopper, I wanted firstly, to find the best quality crib that I could afford, and secondly, to get value for my money. I went to IKEA to take a look at the Hensvik baby crib personally.

The IKEA Hensvik Baby Crib and Bed

Price Range

Cribs have quite a price range (anywhere from about $90 at IKEA to an unbelievable $19,995). This is bewildering for any parent when the safety and happiness of their child are paramount. What to buy, what to buy?

Test Drive

First, it is important to go and see the crib for yourself. Go to IKEA personally. I would never buy anything like this online. There is no substitute for being able to go and shake that crib, to twist it, to punch it, and to push it in every direction. This is my daughter’s safety at stake here after all. I don’t care if my fellow IKEA shoppers stare or do an old “tusk, tusk” as they pass by. They should be doing the exact same thing.

I don’t normally like shopping at IKEA. The store is designed to give you a headache if you don’t follow its store layout. It is like a shopping trough. Move your head to the right, move your head to the left; “hey, keep moving” (and spending). I find it a high stress environment. Nevertheless, I wanted to see the Hensvik baby crib for myself. I would have tried sleeping in it myself as well (despite the unpleasantness of shopping there), but it is simply too small.


Well, I went and I shook the Hensvik. It seemed very sturdy. I shook it again, this time a bit harder. It still seemed very sturdy to me. I tried twisting it as well. No torsion at all. The IKEA Hensvik crib is solidly built. I didn’t punch it, but I did push it (several times). No lateral movement. It seemed sturdy enough.


The Hensvik also has a couple of features that are great as well (although they are not unique to the Hensvik). The frame is adjustable to two heights – the “baby can’t stand up yet” height, and the “baby can now stand up” height. You can also remove the side rails when baby is big enough to get in and out of bed by him or herself. I kind of liked this feature because you little one will have their very own “bed” once they are old enough. I asked a fellow shopper at IKEA who had a child in tow (that had been jumping on the “bed” configuration if she had used the bed and if she thought it was good. She said it was great. I also asked her how long her child was able to sleep in it. She said until around age two. Then the “bed” was too short for her cute little jumper. So for, $199 (CDN) I can get a solid crib that grows with my child until about age two? Yes. This sounds like a fair value to me.


I consider myself fairly handy. I have lots of tools and I enjoy putting stuff together (although I am a casual indulger). I probably have just a tinge more than average skill at assembling stuff. As such, I was able to put the IKEA Hensvik together in about 45 minutes. I only needed a screwdriver, a wrench, and a rubber mallet. Fairly straightforward. Fairly simple.


I think the IKEA Hensvik represents good value. Not outstanding value, but good value nonetheless. It feels safe to me. It is solid. It is also reasonably priced at $199 (CDN). Go to IKEA and shake the Hensvik yourself. I think you might like it.

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  1. Jason

    Wow! Thanks, Matt. That is really kind of you. I am very happy that you enjoy visiting my site. I enjoy reading comments from people like you. Keep the comments coming (and remember to keep visiting and telling you friends about how much you enjoy froogalism.com).


  2. Laura

    We loved your review. If I hadn’t known better I would have thought my husband wrote it. We read it after we had been to Ikea, shook the crib and had purchased it. So this review has helped solidify our decision. Did you buy the Hensvik with the solid end panels? This is the model we got. They have a new version with bars the whole way around we didn’t like as much. Didn’t seem as sturdy with a good shake.

    Funny enough we are also considering the Hemnes Dresser as well. We’re going back in a couple weeks. Were you happy with the color? I couldn’t tell if it was the same as the Hensvik. Looked similar though.
    Thanks again 🙂

  3. Jason

    Thank you very much for your comment, Laura. I’m glad you shook the Hensvik and that you decided that it was a good buy for you. I hope it meets your needs.
    I did buy the Hensvik with the solid ends. I am not so keen on having more bars than needed as I just don’t trust them. I think you made a good choice. You are also right about bars seeming less sturdy. A solid anything always seems stronger to me.
    The shade of the white Hensvik crib and the white Hemnes dresser are identical to me. They look great together. You would be making a good choice in my view.
    Remember to shake the Hemnes for yourself. Take a camera with you and take photos of each and view them with them going together in mind. Check the dimensions as well to make sure it will fit in the place you have planned for it. Leave space for a diaper pail or compost bin beside it. It is wide enough to accommodate a changing mat and long enough to accommodate all of your accessories (i.e. diapers, diaper cream, wipes ((reusable cloths sprayed with water and a touch of olive oil do wonders and will save you money as well)). Make sure it is at a comfortable height for both you and your husband. I have always preferred changing my daughter on the floor, though, as it just seems safer to me.
    Thank you so much for your comment. It really made my day. Please feel free to comment again on this or on any other post (I’d especially love to hear if you do buy the Hemnes dresser, how it works out for you ((or if you don’t buy it and why you didn’t)). I would also be thrilled to post any reviews that you might wish to submit so that our readers can benefit from your experience and your ideas. Please check back soon. Thanks again for your comment – I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts.


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