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A Clover Lawn: Its Benefits and Frugal Living

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I have a white clover lawn (at least mostly).  It is a top frugal living gardening idea of mine (and, as legend has it, of the leprechaun).  A clover lawn is, in many ways, a preferable ground cover than grass.

Why a clover lawn is better than a grass lawn:

White Clover

Clover is Drought Resistant

We have had a bit of a dry spell in Toronto lately.  I don’t enjoy watering my lawn and I don’t enjoy mowing my lawn very much either.  A low maintenance lawn is just what I like.  Well, my grass looks mostly terrible with this low maintenance approach.  It is brown and brittle in many places.  When I move my eyes around to the substantial clover patches in my yard, however, they look simply terrific.   The are green and lush.  A clover lawn is able to withstand dry spells wonderfully.

Clover Doesn’t Need to be Mowed Very Often At All

Despite buying my new Yardworks Reel Lawn Mower (read the review here), I really do not enjoy mowing my lawn very much.  I find it tedious (especially when edge trimming).  The beauty of a clover lawn is that it doesn’t grow very tall so you never need to cut it at all if you don’t want to.  I do, however, trim mine once every couple of weeks or so just to keep it looking neat.

No Weeds

Clover is a low ground cover.  As such, weeds do not grow within clover patches (not a single weed, at least in my experience).  No weeds = no herbicides = healthier living environment (especially if you have children).

Clover Smells Good

Yes, clover smells really good.

Clover is Resistant to Dog Pee and Yellow Pee Spots

I don’t own a dog, but I have been told that clover does not yellow (like grass does) at pee spots.

Clover Fixes Nitrogen in the Soil and Does Not Need Fertilizer  

It keeps your soil healthy by fixing nitrogen from the air into the soil.  I have never fertilized my lawn or my clover.  This saves a lot of money in the long-run and avoids the whole fertilizer runoff and groundwater contamination issues.

Clover Attracts Leprechauns  

I have seen four leprechauns already this summer in my clover lawn.  They normally come out just after dusk and they lounge in the clover patches (I am kidding, of courseLeprechauns actually come out just before dawn).

Clover Attracts Bees  

Bees enjoy clover and I enjoy bees.  This could be a huge disadvantage for you, however, if you are allergic to or scared of bees.  It all depends on your relationship with bees, I guess.

Clover Adds Variety and Different Textures To Your Lawn

You don’t need to go all the way with clover; you could just set up a few select patches here and there to try it out our to add interest.  It does spread gradually, however, so if you really hate clover don’t put it anywhere.

EXTRA BONUS:  Four Leaf Clovers.  You can spend countless hours rolling around in your lawn looking for these precious bringers of good luck.  With all your good luck, you’ll probably find even more of them and then win the lottery.  Who could ask for anything more?

In summary, a clover lawn is an excellent frugal living choice.  It has so many benefits that it is difficult to believe that there are websites devoted to destroying every last clover leaf in your yard.  This just doesn’t make sense.  A clover lawn is an excellent choice.

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  1. Dosan

    Never fully realized just how much benefit you can get from going to clover. Thanks for the info. Btw, where can you pick up clover seed from?


  2. Jason

    Thanks for the comment, Dosan. Clover is a really terrific ground cover. With many people that consider it a “weed”, it takes a bit of searching to find clover seed for sale. It is akin to looking for dandelion seed. Nonetheless, I bought mine at RONA ($7.99 for a 200g package). Thanks for the comment. Keep them coming.


  3. Laura Alary

    Jason, what method did you use to seed your lawn? Did you just scatter the clover seed? Or did you mix it with topsoil or sand?



  4. Jason

    Hi Laura,

    First, I lightly rake the soil just to loosen it up a bit. Next, mix the seed in a bit of topsoil and spread this mixture evenly where I want it to grow. Then it water it and keep it moist until the seed sprouts. It is really quite simple. It gradually spreads over a larger area once it is established. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you discover or already know a better method.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Kind regards, Jason @froogalism

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