Jul 10

Buy Gas at Cheap Prices and Get a Free Groceries Coupon

This is a frugal living favourite of mine.  Not only will you get about the best price in the city for gas at any given time, but you will also get a 2 cent per liter coupon that can be used to buy groceries at a large number of stores.  Already cheap gas combined with this added bonus make this a must for any frugal minded shopper.  It is a win-win – just the type of thing we like to feature here at froogalism.com

This great value is offered at Loblaws Gas Bars.  Loblaws is a grocery store chain that is located in a number of provinces across Canada.  The coupon that they offer provide you when you buy gas is called a Superbucks coupon.  It can be used at any of the stores owned by Loblaws (i.e. Loblaws,  Real Canadian Superstore, Fortino’s, No Frills, Valu-Mart, and a few others).  Here is a link to the Loblaws website Store Finder.  Just check off the Gas Bar check box and it will give you the nearest location.

I average about a 70  to 80 cent coupon per fill up.  This can add up quite quickly.

I will also reiterate that the gas prices offered at Loblaws Gas Bars are consistently among the cheapest (at least in my neighbourhood) in the city.  This is reason enough to buy your gas there.  When the free grocery coupon (2 cents per liter) is added in, the value is simply terrific.


Another frugal living idea brought to you by froogalism.com

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