REVIEW Guzzie+Guss (GUGU) 102 Full-Sized Baby Stroller

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This is one of the greatest baby bargains out there.  A frugal living must for parents of young ones.  Please read on.   I’ll get to its greatest features in a moment (not the least of which is its unbelievable price).

I spent a lot of time looking at various strollers for my daughter.  Full-size strollers tend to range anywhere from $300 – to around $1000 dollars.   Quite a price range – just the type of thing that a frugal shopper loves.

There were a few thing I was looking for in a stroller:


I didn’t want a wheel to fall off and injure my daughter in the process. It needed to feel very sturdy and well-constructed.  I will never skimp on quality (especially when my daughter is involved).


I wanted to feel confident that the stroller that I eventually purchased would keep my baby safe and that it could do the things I needed it to do (walks, shopping, moving in snow, fitting in the trunk of my car, etc.)

Compactness and light weight

I wanted a stroller that was unlike many of the humongous ones out there.  I wanted something that I could maneuver easily and fit easily in the trunk of my car.

Good looks

I wanted my stroller to look nice.

I spent many an hour scouring various stores, looking for a stroller that would meet my needs.  I was amazed that some cost over $1000 dollars.

The stroller that finally caught my eye after an extensive test drive, complete with wheelies and exaggerated turns and emergency stops (without my daughter in it, of course) was the Guzzie+Guss (GuGu) 102.  I just knew right away that it was the right stroller for me and for my daughter.  I’ll get to price in a minute (a good part to the story).

Here are some of the BEST things about the GUGU 102 stroller:

1)  Bassinet or Upright Seat

The seat can be set as a bassinet or an upright seat.  This might not sound like much, but look around (even at the $1000 models).  It is quite uncommon.  This means that the stroller can be used for a newborn or a toddler.

2)  Ability to front- or rear-face the bassinet or upright seat 

This is another huge advantage that is not offered on many of even the most expensive models.  It is a very useful feature, in fact.  It is great when baby is eating (you can face it towards you to make sure they are okay) or when they are very young and love the comfort of a parental face.  It is also great when baby is no longer dependent on your continual presence and in more interested in the things around them.  With this wonderful (and rare) feature you get the best of both worlds.

3)  Quality

The quality of this stroller is excellent.  I have no apprehensions whatsoever taking my baby wherever we choose to venture.  It is very sturdy and well-constructed.

4)  The Wheels 

 This stroller features single solid wheels in front and inflatable single wheels in back.  Single wheels offer a huge advantage over double-wheels when moving through snow.  The inflatable wheels in back offer a comfortable and smooth ride.  This stroller rides like a dream!

5)  The Basket

The shopping basket is not huge, but it is large enough for small shopping trips and errands.  I bought fruit and vegetables, meat, and a loaf of bread with my daughter today and had a bit of room to spare.  The basket is accessible by unlatching two hooks at the bottom.  Easy to access, decent storage room.

6)  Compact and Light Weight 

The stroller fits easily into my trunk ( with room to spare) and it weighs a mere twenty pounds or so.  It compacts nicely and it easy to disassemble.

7)  Good Looks 

This stroller is beautiful, sleek, and modern looking.

8)  Price 

The price of this stroller is simply unbelievable.  I paid $350 Canadian for mine at Dear-Born Baby in Toronto.  This is the cheapest price I was able to find on the internet.  The second cheapest price I was able to find was at at $392.76 (with free shipping).

Guzzie&Guss also have available a Universal Car Seat Adaptor for the GUGU 102. Read my review.


The Guzzie+Guss (GUGU) 102 stroller is an outstanding value.  It offer premium features and quality at an extremely reasonable price.  It some respects, it is even better that $1000+ strollers due to its front- or rear-facing feature.  The value simply can not be beat in my view.  If you are looking for a stroller, check out the GUGU 102.  It is now discontinued, but it is still available if you look hard enough.

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    • Jane on July 8, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    I have used this stroller with my granddaughter and find it to be a great stroller. It handles beautifully on any terrain and I especially like the feature that the baby can face toward you or away from you to explore the world. It is light weight and the single wheels on the front and back make it good in the winter. I highly recommend it.

    • Jason on July 9, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    Yes, this stroller is amazing for nanas too. Glad you enjoy it. Spread the word.

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