Aug 29

Frugal Fun – Part One

Some people still confuse frugal living with stingy living and/or miserly living. I am not sure how this came about, but I hope that frugalists start taking some action towards changing these perceptions. Stingy and miserly people often go without basic human necessities because they hate to part with their money. Frugal people love things like soft toilet paper and delicious food; they just think about how they can get that good toilet paper or delicious food at the fairest price so they have money left over to do other things. The more things that can be done that I enjoy with the money that I have, says the frugal living person, the better.

Frugal living is fun living. Here are some frugal activities you and your family can enjoy. I contrast them with miserly and stingy equivalents to demonstrate the difference.

1. Going out for dinner and drinks. The hungry froogalist will go out and enjoy mutton and mead because they enjoy it, keeping in mind that this is a special treat to be thoroughly enjoyed. The miser will not. The miser will eat sardines right from the can for the eighth time this week.

2. Watching a movie. The entertained froogalist can go out or stay home to watch a movie. If they decide to go out, they might prefer to go to a cheaper matinee, but this will not stop them from going out to a non-matinee. The miser hates movies because they’re ‘too darned expensive’ and because ‘actors make too much money’. The miser prefers to watch free entertainment like ‘rain’ or ‘wind’ or ‘stillness’.

I have called this post Frugal Fun – Part One because I plan to keep adding to it in the future. Check back soon for more fun and exciting frugal living ideas. In the meantime, go out and have some fun – frugal living style. Brought to you by froogalism.com.

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