Sep 29

5 Fees Worth Paying

Some Fees Are Worth Paying

Some fees are a not worth paying because they do not offer much value. Other fees are worth paying because they give you a good bang for your buck. Here are five fess that you can feel good about paying from your frugal wallet … Continue reading ...

Sep 24

New Business Ideas for the Frugal Entrepreneur

Frugal Entrepreneur

Frugal entrepreneurs look for ideas that can make the lives of people easier and more enjoyable and make them money at the same time. Continue reading ...

Sep 15

The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Frugal People


Highly effective frugal people have one thing in mind — making the most out of what they have so they can have more of what they love. Their habits develop around this core pleasure principle. Here are six habits of highly effective frugal people that can help you get more of what’s really important to you. Continue reading ...

Sep 14

How To Buy Stocks Like Warren Buffett – A Frugal Approach To Investing

Warren Buffett - "The Oracle of Omaha"

Warren Buffett’s strategy for buying stocks is low-maintenance, low-cost, and highly effective.  Why isn’t everyone buying stocks this way then? Well, I hate to sound cynical here, but no one makes money when you buy stocks directly and hold them for long periods like Buffett (except for the people like him that do it). Here is a simple and cheap way you too can buy stocks like Buffett. Continue reading ...

Sep 08

The Canon Rebel T3 DSLR Camera – Is It A Best Buy?

Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR Camera

Review of the Canon Rebel T3 DSLR Camera. We put the Canon Rebel T3 to the test at Is it a Best Buy? Is it the right camera for you? Read this review and find out. Continue reading ...

Sep 05

Good Quality Shoes vs. Cheap, Crummy Quality Shoes

The ASICS GT-2170 - A Good Running Shoe

I won’t buy crummy quality shoes. Sure, you may think those flimsy shoes are a bargain at $12.99, but I can assure you that you are wrong. You are being drawn towards the “False Value Trap” and I advise you to run away in whatever shoes you are wearing and to not look back. Don’t let the price sticker blind you to the reality that crummy shoes are something you should never buy (especially if you are a frugal minded shoe shopper). Continue reading ...

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