Where Are The Really Good Retailers?

There was a time where retail was an art. The balance between being welcoming, helpful, and knowledgeable, as well as knowing when to just simply ‘sit back’ and let the customer do their thing was a trainable skill that strong retailers put time and money into whilst training their employees.

Why are online retailers so prominent? Well, perhaps, because the in-person retail experience has mostly gone to s$&t!

Let’s take a moment… Continue reading ...

Classic and Delicious Ginger Cookies Recipe

Photo courtesy of Laura Alary

Here is a delicious and classic ginger cookies recipe that is both easy and fun to make. Continue reading ...

Cooking food at home is cheaper, healthier, better tasting and easy – The Frittata

The frittata is a healthy an inexpensive meal.

We hear a lot about how people can’t eat healthy on a budget and that prepared foods are a ‘cheaper’ alternative.  This is nonsense.  This post series will show you how you can eat very healthy and deliciously at home for a cost much less than what restaurants or prepared food providers can offer. Recipe of the week – The Frittata! Continue reading ...

Best Ever Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Best Ever Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Every year on Good Friday my son and I make hot cross buns.

The tradition began when he was barely big enough to stand on a chair and scoop flour. In those days, baking together was a way into learning and a celebration of the senses. We counted cups and teaspoons, smelled all the spices and called them by name, examined the wrinkles on the raisins, nibbled at the… Continue reading ...

How A Frugal Mindset Can Help Save The World

How A Frugal Mindset Can Help Save The World

The solutions to many extraordinary worldwide problems can, perhaps, be found quite ordinarily through the application of a frugal living mindset. Continue reading ...

5 Things Your Parents Did Right That You Can Learn From

5 Things Your Parents Did Right That You Can Learn From

Old school parenting may seem ‘old school’ to many, but our children can benefit greatly by stepping back in our past as children and applying these ideas as modern parents. Continue reading ...